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Prison Team

Bishop Clive Junior Whittle
Chair & Trustee

Clive heeded the call to ministry in 1990, after he saw prison riots on the news. He has been overseeing a growing ministry ever since, which has expanded into five North West Prisons. Clive was ordained as a bishop on the 29th October, 2016.

Rev Michelle Welch
Volunteer Chaplain


Michelle is involved with Styal Women's prison on a voluntary basis 

Rev Anthony Albert Mason
Volunteer Chaplain

Anthony is a volunteer chaplain at a number of prisons in the North West.

Rev Eric Scotland
Volunteer Chaplain

Eric has been a part of the Prison team since 1994, and is an ordained Reverend. He has attended services across each of the five prisons the ministry is involved with. He has consistently been responsible for administrative tasks for the charity.

Mrs Kay Artega Aymer
Volunteer Chaplain

Kay is involved on a voluntary basis at Hindley Prison.

Rev Elaine Leveridge
Volunteer Chaplain

Elaine is involved in visiting many of the Prisons, particularly Styal women's prison.

Mrs Roselle Burke
Prison Volunteer

Roselle became an active member of the team in 2003; she has attended & participated in all areas of 

the Prison Ministry

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