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HMP Manchester

Where it all started after notorious prison riots in 1990, over 26 years ago!

Clive Whittle started the ministry with as an assistant to Chaplain, Reverend Noel Proctor. Since then the ministry has grown in stature and presence, and is often in attendance at the services at Strangeways prison.

HMP Wymott

HMP Wymott is a male Category C trainer prison which has accommodation for both sex offenders and mainstream Cat C offenders. It opened in 1979 as a Category C prison. The Ministry team has been in attendance at Wymott for around 20 years.

HMP Garth

Garth is a category B training prison which was opened in October 1988.

A new residential unit (housing 120) opened in 1997, and a further 180 places were provided in August 2007. The Ministry Team has been attending Garth for around 10 years.

HMP Styal

The main prison buildings were built as an orphanage in the 1890s which closed in 1956. The site opened as a women's prison in 1962 when female prisoners from Strangeways were transferred in. From 1983 Young Offenders were admitted and in 1999 a wing was added to accommodate unsentenced female prisoners following the closure of Risley's remand centre, increasing the prison size by 60%. The prison was featured in the BBC2 documentary ‘Women on the Edge – the Truth about Styal Prison' on February 27th 2006. The team has been attending around 25 years at Styal Prison.

HMP Thorn Cross

Thorn Cross is a purpose built open institution opened in 1985 on the site of a former Royal Naval Air Station which was initially used as an open adult establishment. The ministry has been attending Thorn Cross for over ten years. Pictured left, Reverend Shaun with ex-Manchester City footballer Geovanni, who attended a service, and trained with inmates.

HMP Hindley

Hindley was originally opened in 1961 as a borstal and became a youth custody centre in 1983. The establishment has undergone a number of population changes over recent years however it is currently a Young Offenders and Adult Male Category C establishment. Hindley has a number of residential wings and the two populations are housed separately although they mix throughout the day in all other areas. Hindley has excellent facilities and services which includes excellent workshop space for vocational courses. 

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