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Compassion Prison Ministry

Compassion Prison Ministry (CPM) is a Pentecostal multi denominational group.


Our purpose is:

a.     To provide a Christian witness across the Prison Service in the UK to prisoners and prison staff.

b.     To provide an aftercare service to prisoners upon their release back into their community.


We visit prisons and offer Pentecostal worship to inmates. This includes activities such as:-

  • Weekly / Monthly Church Services

  • Bible Studies

  • General Counselling

  • Advice and Support 

  • Follow Up Support After Release

  • Family Liaison

  • Bible Distribution (incl. Foreign Language Bibles)

​Compassion Prison Ministry is made up of a team of dedicated and committed Christian volunteers who give up much of their time and energy for the work of the ministry. We are always looking to expand our membership base.

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