Compassion Prison Ministries is a small knit team of dedicated Christian leaders and volunteers with the aim of providing a Christian witness in prison, supporting prisoners, staff and ex-offenders. The Ministry was formed by Reverend Clive Whittle. The ministry is always looking to expand, so if you are interested in joining us, please contact us



We primarily have two main ongoing projects, Compassion Prison Ministry and Compassion Food Bank. Compassion Prison Ministry is a team of Christians who undertake prison services weekly. Compassion Food Bank is a project aimed reducing food poverty in Greater Manchester

Compassion Ministry currently operate in HMP Preston, HMP Garth, HMP Wymott, HMP Thorn Cross, HMP Hindley, HMP Manchester (Strangeways) and HMP Styal. The ministry has contact with 200 inmates regularly in the North West of England.


Compassion Food Bank has been set up by members of our team with the goal of supporting those in the community experiencing food poverty. Compassion Food Bank has been a great success, distributing 2524 food parcels, feeding approximately 4864 people and providing at least 43,776 meals to the people of Greater Manchester

"Matthew 25:35."

"I was hungry and you gave me food."

"Matthew 25:36."

"I was in prison, and you came to me"

The work of the ministry began after the Strangeways (Now HMP Manchester) riots, when Clive Whittle heeded to the call to prison ministry and started as a chaplaincy volunteer, assisting the chaplain, Rev. Noel Proctor.  Over the years, the ministry has developed and the Team has continually increased, which is overseen by Clive. The Chaplaincy Teams visit various prisons across the UK where monthly contact is maintained with over 200 inmates. The Teams are involved in conducting Sunday Services, ministering to inmates throughout the week, encouragement to those in need and conducting baptisms to inmates who have received the Lord Jesus Christ. The Compassion Team believe in the infallible Word of God and continue to confess Jesus as Lord and Saviour according to the scriptures.

The Ministry's work then extended into the Food Bank arm, set up by two volunteers, Michelle Welch and Elaine Leveridge. The food banks exceptional work has helped create around 37,611 meals in Manchester in 2015 alone. Feeding 4157 through food parcels. The three people involved have done an excellent job, and their contribution to the community can not be underestimated.




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