Distribution of Food Parcels

February 24, 2017

Weekly Distribution of food parcels from Food Bank Moss Side, Church of God of Prophecy, 300 East Moss Lane. We open Tuesdays, Fridays and every first and last Saturday of the month, drop in for light refreshments, and remember to bring ID.

Look at all this Food!

These wonderful young people from the NCS Challenge braved the November cold to collect this food and a whopping £529.

Cycling for Food Parcels

February 24, 2017

Staff at Compassion Food Bank raised over £1000 in 2013 through a sponsored bike ride and a sponsored walk on behalf of the Food Bank and Jamaica National Childrens Home. Michelle Welch and Elaine Leveridge were fortunate to be able to present Rev Cocks Williams with £500 on behalf of the Home during a  visit to Jamaica. A further £1000 was raised in 2014 and £500 of this was again donated to the children’s home.

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What's Going On!

Recent History

Compassion Food Bank Coffee Mornings

Tuesdays 9.30am – 11.30am


Compassion Food Bank Breakfast Club

1st Tuesday of the Month 9.30-11.30am


Reducing Food Poverty and Alleviating Waste


  1. Compassion Pantry - provision of non-perishable food items, household items and toiletries.

  2. Partnership working with The Bread and Butter Thing – provision of low cost food parcels.


Contact Michelle for further information:  07773 119855