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Donating money is the most obvious and simple method of helping our food bank to grow. Every penny you give us will be spent on creating food parcels or meals for those in need. We appreciate absolutely anything you can donate, whether it is a small donation, or a larger donation. You can also make a standing order to our foodbank monthly. Every penny you give goes to helping feed people in need.


Volunteering your time is a really helpful way of us growing as a food bank. People are the life blood of any charitable organisation, and ours is no different.

Please Contact Michelle via the email box below, or on 07773 119855.

Donating food is an excellent way you can help us, the address of the food bank is below, and please check opening times. We're happy to use your food to create food parcels or meals to help those who will really appreciate, and need it.

Please Contact Michelle on 07773 119855.


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