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Donations of Food – are made to Compassion Food Bank by members of the public, local businesses and organisations. Food can either be delivered to the Food Bank during its opening hours, delivered to the church or we can pick up food if requested.

  1. Donations of Money – Financial donations are used to purchase food from our shopping list and it is used to focus on those items that we are running low on.

  2. FareShare – Compassion Food Bank partners with the charity FareShare (Manchester) to receive weekly deposits of food for a small fee.

  3. Funding Drives – Compassion Food Bank has regular funding drives to raise money to help in the work of the Food Bank such as Supermarket ‘Food Bank Collection Days’, School ‘Bring a Tin’ days, Fund Raising Events etc.



  1. Referrals – Users are referred to Compassion Food Bank by a variety of local or national agencies. The only criterion is that the agency considers the user to be in financial difficulty and would therefore benefit from a food parcel. If you are an agency please feel free to download our Agency Referral Form found in the top right corner.

  2. Self-Referrals – Users from the local community can visit Compassion Food Bank and as long as they can show that they are in need and bring along proof of address, they will be given a food parcel.

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